Last update: 20/10/2020

The planet is in the red. In recent years, we have consumed more natural resources than the planet can replenish. That is why it is essential to take measures to reduce the environmental footprint left by our activity. A good way to start achieving this is by increasing the number of  green buildings.

Just as when we walk on snow or sand, we all leave a mark along the way. The size of our environmental footprint depends on the impact that our consumption and habits have on the planet. Knowing the exact human footprint on our environment is complex, but being aware of and taking measures to reduce it is very simple. The food we eat, the purchases we make, the transport we use and the energy we consumpe: everything has an impact on the environment. But this footprint is also present at our workplace. That is why at Santander we are committed to creating green buildings that make the daily activity of our workforce more sustainable.

The bank is committed to creating sustainable infrastructures that ensure energy efficiency, the use of recycled materials, responsible water consumption and limits on waste production. 

We have to carry out our business impeccably and in a way that is Simple, Personal and Fair. Santander has a solid track record as a responsible bank. Our ambition is to now go even further.

Ana Botín, Group executive chairman

Santander Group City

Greener, footprint-free offices

by 2025
100 %

of the electricity we consume is from green sources

by 2025
100 %

of the electricity we consume is from green sources

Companies are a key element in carrying out this ecological transition and in bringing about change. To become one of the drivers of this change, we have set ourselves a target: by 2025, 100% of the electricity used at all our offices will come from renewable sources.

As a result of our efforts so far to create sustainable spaces, all Santander buildings in Germany, Spain and the UK use 100% green energy and all new buildings built in these countries have been certified according to the international LEED and ISO 14001 standards, verifying the adaptation of Santander's environmental management system.

Leaders in reducing electricity consumption and emissions

As well as ensuring that all the energy we consume in our buildings comes from renewable energy, we have been measuring, calculating and controlling consumption, waste and greenhouse gas emissions from our facilities worldwide since 2001. This has enabled us to implement various efficiency plans, with which we have managed to reduce electricity consumption and emissions. All the electrical energy consumed at the bank's facilities is already completely green and their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are zero.

Ensuring the responsible and sustainable performance of our activity is a necessary commitment. As of today, our bank has more than 14,000 branches around the world and, although a complete ecological transition cannot be achieved overnight, we are and will continue to be a key element in the fight to keep our planet clean and green.

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