Last update: 02/03/2023

The Annual Report is about Santander's operations in a given year. As part of our commitment to governance and transparency for all stakeholders, we have launched an interactive Digital Annual Review for 2022.

Santander presents its digital Annual Report 2022, with the financial and non-financial information that we report to the market. Its original format enhances the quality of reporting, with easy-to-read information and a more user-friendly experience on any device. Its features include videos, podcasts, interactive graphics and a new data hub.

Santander's 2022 Digital Annual Review offers comprehensive news on the Group to meet growing demand for transparency. It has the messages to shareholders from Executive Chair Ana Botín and former CEO José Antonio Álvarez. It also includes an annual summary of results and a strategic overview of our business model, future prospects and other things. 

The Digital Annual Review explains our progress in responsible banking, 2021 results and the three strategic initiatives we launched in 2020: One Santander, PagoNxt and Digital Consumer Bank. It reports on our strong and inclusive culture; customer-focused service; our efforts in risk management and regulatory compliance; and our commitment to build a green economy based on environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards. It also includes the bank’s growth plan for 2023-2025 that we unveiled at our Investor Day.

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