Last update: 19/02/2024 - 23:30

Santander’s 2023 Annual Report details the Group’s operations last year. As part of our commitment to governance and transparency for all our stakeholders, we’ve also released an online, interactive version, the 2023 Digital Annual Review.

Santander promotes economic activity to help people and businesses prosper. Our 2023 Annual Report charts the Group’s performance for the year. 

It provides our shareholders and other stakeholders with all the financial information they need on the bank. It also contains the non-financial information we report to the market.

And once again, we’ve released the Digital Annual Review to meet growing demand for data and transparency. It’s where we show how our business model give us the competitive advantage that sets us apart; our corporate pillars, like our strong and inclusive culture; our risk management and compliance; and our responsible banking and other priorities.

Annual Report homepage
Annual Report homepage

It also includes valuable information for our shareholders, such as:

  • a letter by our Executive Chair, Ana Botín, which outlines the bank’s key strategic messages;
  • a letter by our CEO, Héctor Grisi, which details the Group’s performance in 2023 and management priorities;
  • our 2023 results, including KPIs and progress with the three-year growth plan (2023-2025) we presented at the last Investor Day;
  • our strategy, including how we create value for all our stakeholders; and
  • the DataHub, which shows all the Group’s key data and performance in recent years.

This award-winning, online publication is an original product that enhances the quality of the information we report, makes it easier to read for novices and experts alike, provides an excellent user experience on any device, and boosts our multimedia presentation through videos, podcasts and interactive graphics. 

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