Last update: 06/07/2023

The economy and society are changing fast. In just a decade, new jobs, like "self-driving vehicle expert" or "fintech engineer", will be in demand at companies. The future of work is a pressing issue in a job market being shaped by the green transition and artificial intelligence.

According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report 2023, employers estimate that 44% of workers’ skills will be disrupted in the next five years. In other words, by 2027, people will need only 56% of the basic skills they currently use at work.

The current landscape shows a need for better reskilling and upskilling throughout one's life and career. 

The Future of Jobs Report 2023 points out professions that will be in high demand. Most fast-growing roles relate to technology, digitalization and sustainability. Here are 10 careers that will be in high demand in the future:

The future of employment in the green economy

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The economy and the job market will have a big role in undoing harm that society is causing to the planet. Manufacturers are pursuing new strategies to hit business targets and help protect the environment. “Green jobs” will create opportunity for people working in areas like energy efficiency for buildings, pipe insulation, recycling and innovative, renewable technology.

In the coming years, demand for experts in renewable energy, sustainability, resource management, organic farming, environmental communication and sustainable tourism is expected to grow 30%.

AI expert

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining prominence in manufacturing. Because it can imitate humans' ability to reason, plan and learn, it has quickly become an important area of study for the future. Your first foray into AI may be a career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics ("STEM"). You could also specialize in areas like machine learning.

Sustainability expert

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Due to the fight against climate change and the need for environmental conservation and biodiversity, sustainability is a key concern for companies. In the coming years, sustainability experts’ will be pivotal to success in areas like energy transition, waste management, natural resource optimization, sustainable architecture, and clean energy.

Cybersecurity expert

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Data are a major business asset, which makes them a top target for cyber criminals.  Jobs in data privacy and protection are growing in demand. They involve skills in areas like designing, monitoring and enhancing security systems that protect servers, devices and other things that process data.

Data analyst and data detective

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These days, companies are focusing more on value-add business. Data analysts are playing an essential role. They take data and make reports that help companies be more efficient and achieve targets. Working in data analysis can open the door to a new career, such as being a "data detective" who solve big data "mysteries".

Robotics engineer

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AI, data and digitalization are impacting on many industries. Robotics engineering involves developing systems that automate production. It covers electronics, mechanics, and computer programming. The skills it requires include time management, problem-solving, creativity and teamwork.

Flood architect

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Climate change and rising sea levels are a constant challenge for civil engineers. Flood architects work with nature, not against it. They design projects that can adapt to climate and sea level, with little impact on the environment. That’s why the demand for flood architects is growing.

Agricultural equipment operator

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The world’s population is expected to rise from some 8 billion to over 9 billion by 2050. Because food production will have to be more calculated and sustainable, the demand for workers who know how to operate drones, agrobots, autonomous tractors and other equipment used in farming will grow.

Digital transformation expert

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In our increasingly digital global economy, we'll surely be seeing more experts in digitalization around. They mainly adapt business models to new virtual environments, without compromising corporate culture or internal procedures. They usually have a background in computational engineering or telecommunications.

Blockchain developer

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Blockchain has been one of the fastest adopted technologies in recent years. It’s being used more in digital tasks because it decentralizes data management in a secure and versatile manner. Blockchain developers design network architecture and security protocol, carry out testing and perform other tasks. Therefore, they must have skills in programming, data structure and cyber security.

E-commerce expert

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The Internet has revolutionized consumption. More people and SMEs transact online. E-commerce experts gather and process data to optimize sales channels, enhance customer service and come up with new marketing strategies. Some subjects that can lead to a career in e-commerce include digital marketing, economics and computer programming.

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