Last update: 19/03/2024

In a world of constant change, technology is indispensable to achieve transformation and progress. Digitalisation offers opportunities for growth and it means that there is greater demand for technological professionals with a STEM background (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).  We want to attract this talent through the ‘Be Tech! with Santander’ initiative and we are looking for people who want to have a real impact. Find out below what this programme is all about and discover our available positions.

Digitalisation has changed the way that we work together, learn and carry out our jobs. At Santander, we are making progress in the bank's digital and commercial transformation as part of our efforts to become the best open financial services platform. To further enhance our customers’ experience and satisfaction. We need professionals like you, your knowledge and disruptive vision, to help us with these goals. 

As such, in 2020 we launched ’Be Tech! with Santander’, an ambitious digital personnel recruitment programme led by the Group's Technology and Operations (T&O) and Human Resources departments. Since then, we have not stopped growing and it has sparked expansion across other regions. We have recruited the best people and the most innovative talent in their respective fields and continued focused on attracting the best human talent

BeTech! with Santander: When talent goes hand in hand with diversity and inclusion
BeTech! with Santander: When talent goes hand in hand with diversity and inclusion

The "Be Tech! with Santander" recruitment plan is aimed at incorporating a variety of professionals with digital and technological skills who work in various fields: Agile, API, Cloud, Data, Network, DevSecOps, AI, Software Development, Enterprise Architecture and Product Management. 

"Technology is a strategic business driver, especially in banking, where digitalized products and services are a major part of our regular business — and this trend is growing"

Dirk Marzluf, global head of Technology & Operations (T&O) at Santander

As part of our ambitious plans to recruit technological personnel, the Group's T&O team alongside Human Resources have launched a new website that serves as a hub for employment vacancies in this field. The webpage is practical and streamlines talent acquisition globally. On the site, you can filter results by the market sector you are looking for directly on WorkDay (with an API created exclusively for the function) and you can apply for or save vacancies to come back to them later.

The global webpage is available in four languages (English, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish). This webpage reflects the Group's diversity. It also includes real testimonials from professionals that already work with us. Some of them also form part of our so-call "San Experts" team of employees who, through their expertise, publish content relating to the latest trends and topics for tech personnel

"We are fortunate to work in a growing organization with the latest and greatest technology stack to solve complex business problems"

John Henriksson, global head of Rates & Credit IT in the United Kingdom

"What really appealed to me during my experience is the amount of technology used in each project and the innovative solutions implemented in order to optimize and always be relevant in each area"

Yassmine Hamdi, Analyst Rates IT in Spain

What've we done at Be Tech! with Santander 2023?
What've we done at Be Tech! with Santander 2023?

Technological hubs, our spaces to work hand-in-hand with innovation

Together with this new talent acquisition website, we have implemented initiatives such as our two hubs located in Malaga (Spain) and Warsaw (Poland Together, they will employ some 1,400 professionals offering support to Santander Corporate & Investment Banking (SCIB), our global division that supports corporate and institutional customers. 

Our efforts to become a global technological employer doesn’t stop there. We believe that technology is, at a strategic level, a valuable resource to push our business forwards. To create the best products and services for our customers we want to be surrounded by excellent professionals that grow with us.  Do you want to join?

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