Green finance is flourishing all over the world, pumping the oxygen that is making everything around us more sustainable. It draws on all initiatives that aspire to make a social and environmental difference in the community and is becoming a core element of our economy.

Sustainable funds are financial instruments that invest in the environment and social projects. Although they are booming globally and are now the predominant funds in the market, they only constitute the first step of what later leads to more organic production, a successful circular economy and the re-use of resources. They help hold companies charged with production accountable for a series of ethical employment standards. Efforts to achieve better management standards often increase profitability.

Sustainable funds contribute to booming sectors that are particularly relevant to our environment, such as renewable energy. Increased investment in this area is a huge boost for green energy, a key element to the planet’s sustainability and conservation.

Sustainable investments entail a high degree of control and transparency, which enhances their quality. The fact that they benefit both society and the economy increases their value. Furthermore, they can provide long-term wellbeing while promoting economic, environmental and social development. Other benefits they give include integration, equity, gender inclusion, combating climate change and innovation in financial instruments for sustainability. They also help support dialogue networks between regions and companies.

Sustainable projects are contributing a high degree of energy security and innovation to our transition towards a zero-emission economy. They also move us one step further in transforming the economy into a more resilient and environmentally-friendly system that can meet the Sustainable Development Goals, 17 objectives defined by the United Nations (UN) to achieve a more sustainable future for alls.

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