Last update: 16/03/2022

Because online safety is embedded in Santander's culture, our employees know cybersecurity is everyone’s job.

Every year, all employees take interactive cybersecurity classes. They simulate cyber threats anyone can come across in their day-to-day in order to upskill staff on spotting phishing emails and malicious SMSs, reacting to ransomware and social engineering, and immediately reporting anything suspicious to the cybersecurity teams.

But learning doesn’t stop there. During the year, our employees participate in educational phishing tests, live hacking seminars, workshops, podcasts and live chats. Also, we observe Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October with special programmes. All of our employees know how to report suspicious messages or cyber security incidents to the bank.

Also,ur employees and their families can even take classes to feel more protected at home, learning to heighten security on WiFi, mobile phones and apps.

Our employees share such cybersecurity lessons regularly with customers and the community to help them enhance their online security in talks at WorkCafés and branches, and via video streaming.

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