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In order to help people and businesses prosper, it is vital that Santander’s 188,492 employees are motivated and engaged.

Working differently

The first initiative was the flexibility policy: Flexiworking. This is a new way of working in the Bank which aims to:

  • Improve the organisation and planning of work, making it more efficient and collaborative, getting more out of technology, eliminating bureaucracy and making better use of meetings and e-mails.
  • Give executives the autonomy to facilitate to their teams flexibility measures that help them to attain a better work-life balance.
  • Acknowledge employees’ engagement and dedication.

New relationship model between countries and the corporation, to identify and share the best practices for managing people and take advantage of the Group’s diversity.

There are three areas of activity  to design the basic lines of managing the Group’s employees, but with the autonomy to adapt and execute depending on each particular situation; and additional support of the corporation, contributing value-added, for example, ensuring that best practices are shared and promoting global projects. 

Digital transformation. Digital Days were launched in 2015, held in the corporate centre as well as in almost all countries, with the aim of turning employees into opinion leaders of digital banking.

Corporate volunteer policy. Approved by the board in December in order to organize and highlight the current volunteer initiatives. 

We are Santander Week. Under the slogan of “A Simple, Personal and Fair Week”, the new corporate culture was the central element of the We are Santander Week in 2015. Corporate and local activities were developed to foster commitment among employees, education, listening and pride in belonging to the Group.

Talent management

The following measures were added to talent management in 2015, in order to align it with the transformation that the Group is undergoing:

  • Succession planning policy and process: to establish the management and monitoring guidelines of possible replacements in key positions of senior management and control functions.
  • Inclusion of customer satisfaction metrics: to calculate employees’ variable remuneration.
  • Open offer policy: as of April the Group’s employees were able to choose the training courses they preferred on the basis of their interests and professional training needs.
  • Employee Relationship Management (ERM ): this tool allows our HR teams to improve its knowledge of the corporate centre’s professionals, segmenting them with a customer focus according to their profiles so as to adjust the training and development actions of human resources to their specific needs.
  • Performance appraisal: 180-degree appraisal for executives, and new corporate behaviours included in this appraisal.


Among the recognitions obtained by Banco Santander during 2015 were the following:

  • The annual Most Attractive Employers study carried out by the Swedish consultancy Universum, which gathers the opinions of more than 16,000 Spanish students, places Banco Santander among the four best companies to work for by business students and business schools that also consider it their preferred bank.
  • The 2015 Latam ranking of Universum puts Banco Santander as the most preferred bank to work for and the eighth company among business students in Latin America.
  • The study by the consultancy Randstad among more than 8,000 potential candidates aged between 18 and 65 recognises Santander as one of the preferred banks to work for in Spain.