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We work for the prosperity of our 133 million customers. Our goal is to have more customers, who are increasingly more loyal and digital. We want to be the bank of choice for our customers.


With this relationship model, customers earn interest on their account balances and money back on spending, among other advantages.

  • In Spain in 2017, the 1I2I3 model was extended to new segments, such as the fully digital 1I2I3 Smart Account, aimed at the 18-31 age group. A new credit card was also launched, offering 1, 2 or 3 euros for each goal scored by the football teams in Spain's top two divisions, LaLiga Santander and LaLiga 1I2I3.
  • In the United Kingdom, the 1I2I3 strategy has 5.4 million customers, an increase of 275,000 from December 2016.
    Customer loyalty
  • In Mexico, Santander Plus, the local version of 1I2I3, celebrated its first anniversary. Since its launch, the Santander Plus programme has attracted over 3.0 million customers, 52% of whom are new.
    clientes Santander Plus
  • In Portugal, activity continues to be strongly supported by 1I2I3 World, with very positive trends in the numbers of accounts, credit cards and protection insurance policies.
  • Poland launched its of As I Want it Account, which enables customers to decide what they need and how to pay for the products and services offered.


Asset management and private banking. Santander created a new global division bringing together its private banking and asset management businesses, to build the best specialist wealth management unit in Europe and the Americas.

  • Following the repurchase of Santander Asset Management’s business in 2017, and the integration with Private Banking, the new division will enable us to generate significant synergies and exploit the competitive advantage of our presence and positioning in Europe and the Americas, allowing us to drive the growth of the asset management business in our core countries.
    Digital transformation
  • Our customers, who are always at the core of our strategy, will benefit from the strength of the new division and from an approach based on personalised service, boosted by a global value proposition, leveraging the connectivity between the franchises and the development of new digital capabilities.
  • Lastly, to create the most powerful and winning value proposition for our customers in Europe and the Americas.
Digital transformation


A global solution making us partners in SMEs' growth SMEs are the main driver of job creation. We aim to help companies grow in the new digital economy and become more international by leveraging the Group’s innovation capabilities and geographic diversification.

Operational excellence
  • Santander’s strategy with SMEs is a global initiative adapted, in the local environment, to the characteristics of each market in which we are present. This model, which operates throughout the Group, provides a strong financial offering and other solutions to spur internationalisation, training, employment and digitalisation of SMEs, so that we can become their bank of choice.
  • Santander is committed to the long-term growth of SMEs. Its aim with this strategy is to benefit 45,000 SMEs in Latin America and a total of 90,000 SMEs worldwide.

Local banks are pushing forward with their digital transformation while the Group invests in infrastructure and creates agile, global platforms. All teams work in collaboration. As a result, we can offer our customers better products, services and channels.


  • The Santander Group launched the new Openbank, Spain’s first fully digital bank. It offers its customers a complete portfolio of products and services through a totally redesigned website and mobile app.
  • Openbank has the experience, the expertise and the support of the Santander Group. It is one of the first banks in the world to have its software, application programming interfaces (API) and all its customer activity hosted in the cloud. All with the maximum security and replicated at various European sites. Openbank’s technology model is based on machine learning.


  • Santander Brazil launched Superdigital, an independent digital payment platform, built and developed in Brazil. With proprietary tools and technology, this mobile-first solution allows customers to open a new payment account in a matter of minutes. They can also pay, deposit and withdraw money with no need to have a bank account.
  • Superdigital enables the Santander Group to broaden its possibilities of helping individuals to join the banking system for the first time, through either Superdigital or Banco Santander, irrespective of their customers’ socio-economic profile.


  • A services platform that allows customers to manage their treasuries, combining the Bank’s global services offer with a wide range of local services in each country.
  • Customers may digitalise, in a simple and competitive way, liquidity management, the collection and payment of transactions, and direct debits, and centralise the information through electronic channels.


  • Our global machine learning platform is producing very positive results in various countries.
  • It enables us to know our customers better, offer them a personalised proposition, and assess the related operational and credit risks faster and better.
  • Actual results: up to 60% less customer attrition and a 30% increase in loyalty.
  • Continuous learning thanks to the one billion transactions that the Bank manages in its core markets each year.

Maximise the bank’s efficiency and customer service quality. New, redesigned branches are transforming customer experience.

Excenlencia operativa

With initiatives such as WorkCafé in Chile, Smart Red in Spain and the digital branch in Argentina, our new branches are transforming customer experience in nearly 1,000 locations.

The new branches:

  • Are 20% more productive
  • Generate 96% customer satisfaction
  • Increase brand visibility and engagement with communities