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Being responsible means offering our 144 million customers products and services that are Simple, Personal and Fair. We need to do basic things excellently and, when things go wrong, we must resolve issues quickly and learn from our mistakes.

1|2|3 World and other loyalty strategies

We offer a wide range of simple and innovative services and products that allow every customer to administer their finances in the best way posible.

  • 1|2|3 World is our value proposition for individual customers in Portugal and the United Kingdom. This value proposition offers our customers remuneration for their account balance and fee discounts, among other benefits. In Mexico, we have developed Santander Plus, the local version of 1I2I3.
  • Santander Life, in Chile, has created an unprecedented value proposition for the medium and low income segments.
  • In Argentina, the range of Supercuentas and Infinity accounts provide various solutions for satisfying the different needs of our customers, including limitless fee-free transactions, savings on card purchases and other discounts.
  • Santander Bank, in the USA, markets Simply Right Checking, a simple current account with no complications or surprises. It also offers the Santander Basic Checking Account, a transparent product with no minimum balance requirements – simply a basic, easy-to-use current account with a low fixed monthly fee.

Digital solutions

  • Blockchain: We are playing an important role in the blockchain community focussed on financial services. One Pay FX was the first service providing blockchain-based international transfers for individual customers in various countries. We are also a founding member of The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Alastria, we.trade and Utility Settlement Coin.
  • Openbank. In 2018, Openbank—the largest digital bank in the world by balance sheet—increased its deposits 19%, its lending 90% and its customers 8%: now at over 1 million users. We have launched new functions to satisfy customer expectations, such as a roboadvisor (an automated investment service) and a service that incorporates accounts at other banks.
  • One Pay FX. Santander's new international payment service based on blockchain technology allows our customers to make fast and simple international payments of up to EUR 11,000 a day.
  • Mobile apps. We provide all the credit card payments available via mobile devices.
  • GPI Swift. A certification programme for international payment solutions that accelerates and makes it possible to track international transactions.
  • Digitalisation (Super Net, Super Mobile, Super Wallet) to improve mobile banking and internet platforms and provide customers with innovative, high-quality services.
  • ChatBot Customer Service. An automated customer service solution that uses artificial intelligence to understand and resolve customers' needs in real time.

Driving companies

Entrepreneurs and small companies generate employment and wealth that lead to inclusive communities. By helping them, we can help the entire community to prosper.

Our strategy of backing SMEs responds to the different market conditions in the countries where we have a presence. Our goal is to help companies of all sizes, providing them with loans and offering them non-financial support, such as training and access to our networks. We do not aspire to simply being a bank for SMEs, but to being a partner that accompanies their growth. We use our scale to help SMEs find new customers and access new markets.

New solutions in 2018

  • In Mexico, Santander and the country's Secretariat of Economy have signed an agreement to make it easier for entrepreneurs and SMEs to open digital accounts, using a new system that will benefit 18,000 customers in 2019 alone.
  • In Spain, Santander launched a fully digital integration service for companies, which makes the process more agile. You can register from a computer, mobile phone or tablet in just five steps and with the same standards of security and compliance as the process on paper.

Digital solutions for driving the growth of SMEs.

  • Santander Trade – support for internationalisation. To collaborate with the internationalisation of companies, we offer companies the most complete, free, online information about foreign trade: markets, partners, regulations, currencies, banking and setting up abroad. Companies can also access the Group's entire network and an exclusive community of more than three million of Santander's import-and-export business customers around the world. Santander Trade also organises online workshops and seminars taught by top experts. It has an extensive network of non-banking professionals that help companies to trade worldwide.
  • Santander Cash Nexus – global connectivity. This agile, treasury-management platform allows companies to digitalise liquidity management, payment and collection transactions, direct debits and centralisation of information via electronic channels. This combines our global service with a wide range of local services, all via a single portal.
  • We.trade – simpler transactions. In collaboration with eight other European banks and IBM, we have developed the first blockchain-based trading platform for business customers and their banks. This platform provides companies with a simple interface that leverages the innovations of 'smart contracts' and opens the door to new business opportunities.

Operational excellence and customer satisfaction

We continuously monitor the opinions of our customers and their experiences with Santander. This data shows us where we can improve our service offering and helps us to calibrate customer loyalty towards Santander. Every year, more than one million surveys are taken and we are also looking for ways to use the data more efficiently.

In addition, customer satisfaction is a benchmark indicator in the variable remuneration systems for most Group employees.


New branches that are transforming the customer experience
With initiatives like the WorkCafé in Chile, Smart Red in Spain and the digital branch in Argentina, our new branch design is transforming our customers' experience in more than 1,000 localities. They are 20% more productive and generate 96% satisfied customers.