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We want to help our customers prosper day by day and we know that this means something different for each of them. We aim to meet the needs of our different customer profiles so that every day they are more loyal, use digital channels more and are more satisfied with the Bank.

Santander continued to make progress in 2016 in transforming its commercial model with three clear priorities:

Customer loyalty

With specific programmes in all countries that enable us to reach our target of 18.6 million loyal customers by 2018.

Developing value propositions by customer type and having a long-term strategy is the way to increase customer loyalty in the Group’s core markets.

Among the main initiatives were:

  • 1|2|3 World.

  • Santander Select. The Group’s differentiated value proposal for high income customers is already installed in all countries and has more than 2 million customers.
  • Santander Private Banking. A comprehensive and specialised service model for higher income customers, which during 2015 received important awards.
  • Santander has specific programmes for SMEs which combine a strong financial offer with non-financial solutions that help spur internationalisation, connectivity, training, talent attraction, etc.
  • Support the internationalization of its customers. Among the main initiatives are:

    Santander Trade Network: a network of services suppliers certified by Santander to help internationalise businesses.

    Global Treasury Solutions: a service that helps multinational companies manage their treasuries remotely.

    Santander Flame: an online platform to execute and manage foreign exchange transactions and risk.
Customer loyalty

Digital transformation

The multichannel transformation of the commercial model is one of Santander’s strategic priorities. Digital channels offer new opportunities to personalise customer relationships, facilitate greater availability and proximity and contribute to improving satisfaction and loyalty with the Bank.

Santander has four basic drivers for this transformation:

  1. Incorporate digital channels in the day-today commercial activity, without forgetting personal attention.
  2. Offer a first-class customer experience, with new and different multichannel relationship models for each segment.
  3. Develop new functionalities, in order to have best-in-class digital channels, particularly in the area of mobile banking.
  4. Foster a multichannel culture that involves and engages all teams in our transformation plans.
Digital transformation

Operational excellence

Santander made progress in the following three key areas:

  • Transform the customer experience for the main customer journeys, such as, customer onboarding (opening and activating accounts, applying for loans, etc).
  • Improve customer experience and customer satisfaction.
  • Create value for customers by reducing costs.
Operational excellence