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Santander Universidades commences its operations in Poland

  • Santander Group already cooperates with 24 Polish high education institutions via the Global Division of Santander Universidades. In Poland, the project is managed by Bank Zachodni WBK
  • Thanks to the support of Bank Zachodni WBK, Polish high education institutions participate in students exchange, award scholarships, offer on-the-job training and get subsidies to carry out research or arrange academic events
  • Santander Universidades commenced its operations in 1996. At present, Santander Group cooperates with over a thousand high education institutions from North and South America, Asia and Europe
  • Santander Universidades comprises nearly 1000 institutions from 15 countries

Warsaw, 11 june 2012. Santander Group started to cooperate with universities in 1996. The project was initiated as the Bank wanted to support the development of the countries of its  operations and supporting high education institutions which are of key importance for developing competitive economies and wealthy societies was an ideal way to achieve the objective. Santander Universidades is a unique initiative which distinguishes Santander Group among other banks and financial institutions.

Santander Group cooperates with over a thousand high education institutions from Europe, North and South America and Asia. Over the programme lifetime, a cooperation network was developed between the institutions from such countries as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Germany, the USA, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Great Britain, Russia, Singapore, Uruguay and now also Poland.

“High education institutions are the basis for economic and social development of a country. Our involvement in cooperation with the academic world is what distinguishes Santander Group.” – says Emilio Botín, Chairman of Santander Group.

Each year, Santander Group invests ca. 1% of its net profit in high education institutions. For instance, in 2011, EUR 120m were allocated to support the projects of cooperation with high education institutions.

Santander Universidades in Poland
Santander Universidades started its operations in Poland in December 2011 and cooperates with 24 institutions of different profiles in various cities. By the end of 2012, ca. 10-15 institutions will join.

We are happy that thanks to Santander Universidades initiative Bank Zachodni WBK contributes to the development of the Polish academic centres with the highest potential and provides the students, employees and graduates with the option to share knowledge and experience with students from all over the world – says Mateusz Morawiecki, president of Bank Zachodni WBK – We believe that creating an innovative, knowledge-based economy is the key to Poland’s development. Bank Zachodni WBK makes the effort to create a strong and well operating university network in Poland and support Polish researches, students and graduates and thus contribute to the economic development and success.

Polish high education institutions actively avail of the opportunities provided by Santander Universidades. To-date, 7 academic and administrative workers with students have participated in prestigious training programmes arranged by Harvard, Brown, UCLA or the University of Pennsylvania. The programme offered advanced law or negotiation courses as well as development programme addressed to women with leadership potential and workshops for academic workers with a good command of foreign languages. In May, the National University in Singapore launched a prestigious programme for academic workers specialising in risk and economy.

In H2, individual projects will be carried out by particular institutions cooperating with Santander Universidades to support, among others, the development of research projects, scholarships and IT initiatives.

The main objectives of Santander Universidades in Poland are to promote the Spanish culture and language, support entrepreneurship, develop scientific research, in particular as regards new technologies, promote exchange of students and academic workers and knowledge sharing across the world. Students from selected partner institutions can also benefit from professional development by participating in the prestigious on-the-job training programme in Bank Zachodni WBK.

For more information contact:
Artur Sikora
Head of Corporate Communication and Marketing Area
phone: 22 586 8005;
e-mail: artur.sikora@bzwbk.pl
Iwona Matkowska
Santander Universidades Programme Office
phone: 22 586 8543;
e-mail: iwona.matkowska@bzwbk.pl

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