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Press Release (15/07/2019) Santander successfully completes integration of Banco Popular's branches on schedule

Material fact (07/06/2017) Banco Santander informs of the acquisition of 100% of the share capital of Banco Popular Español, S.A. (PDF 88 KB)

Press Release (07/06/2017) Santander acquires Popular, becoming the leading bank in Spain 

Analyst presentation (07/06/2017) Analyst presentation (PDF 1564 KB)

[Video] (07/06/2017) Banco Santander Group Executive Chairman, Ana Botín full speech

Press release (03/07/2017) Santander launches EUR 7,072 million rights issue to support the acquisition of Banco Popular 

Press release (13/07/2017) Santander announces a commercial action for retail customers affected by the resolution of Banco Popular 

Acción Comercial de Fidelización

[Video] (13/07/2017) Rami Aboukhair, CEO de Santander España

Press release (26/07/2017) Santander concludes 7.072 billion euros rights issue with investor demand amounting to more than eight times the number of new shares offered

Press release (28/07/2017) 1H17 Results Santander earns EUR 3,616 million in attributable profit during the first half of 2017 - up 24% 

[Vídeo] (28/07/2017) Jose Antonio Álvarez: Acquisition of Banco Popular

Material fact (08/08/2017) Banco Santander informs that Banco Popular Español has executed the agreements with the Blackstone Fund for the acquisition by the fund of 51% of Banco Popular's real estate business (PDF 80 KB)

Press release (08/08/2017) Banco Popular agrees to sell majority stake in its real estate asset portfolio to Blackstone

Press release (04/10/2017) Santander launches integration of Popular with benefits for customers and a redesign of branch signage 

Material fact (15/12/2017) Results of the public tender offer of the contingent redeemable perpetual bonds of Banco Santander (the "Fidelity Bonds") (PDF 85 Kb)  

Press Release (07/03/2018) Santander and Popular launch '1|2|3 Profesional', their first joint product designed to earn more than 100,000 new self-employed customers

Press Release (26/03/2018) Santander recovers management of Banco Popular's ATMs and cards

Material fact  (24/04/2018) Merger agreement by absorption of Banco Popular Español, S.A.U. by Banco Santander, S.A (PDF 162 Kb)

Press Release (27/04/2018) Santander España introduces the 1|2|3 account for individuals to Banco Popular customers

Press Release (25/07/2018) Santander attributable profit up 4% in the first half of 2018 to 3,752 million euros, after 300 million euros integration charge

Press Release (27/07/2018) Santander une las direcciones territoriales de Santander y Popular y forma un equipo con más mujeres que hombres (Only available in Spanish)

Press release (9/6/2017) Santander adquiere Banco Popular y se convierte en el banco líder en España (Only available in Spanish)

Press release (20/6/2017) El consejo de Banco Popular nombra presidente a Rodrigo Echenique (Only available in Spanish)

Relevant fact (20/6/2017) Nombramientos en Banco Popular (PDF 45 Kb) (Only available in Spanish)

Relevant fact (30/6/2017) Supervisión de negocio, métricas y acuerdos (PDF 133 Kb) (Only available in Spanish)

Relevant fact (8/8/2017) Formalización de contratos con Blackstone sobre negocio inmobiliario (PDF 255 Kb) (Only available in Spanish)

Relevant fact (28/09/2017) El Banco comunica el nombramiento de don Rami Aboukhair como Consejero Delegado (PDF 125 Kb) (Only available in Spanish)

Press release (01/12/2017) Banco Popular agrees to sell TotalBank to BCI