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Annual General Meeting



Documents of Shareholder' meeting
Approved resolutions and votingpdf(321 KB)
Data regarding shareholder's participationpdf(110 KB)
Notice of call to the meeting and agendapdf(168 KB)
Number of outstanding shares and voting rights on the date of the call to the meetingpdf(57 KB)
Right to information
Chairman's letterpdf(155 KB)
Proposal of resolutions and directors' reports, including the reasoned proposals of the appointments committee (item 3) and of the board (item 10), the director remuneration policy (item 10) and the detailed recommendation (item 12)pdf(1251 KB)
Curriculum Vitae of the directors (item three of the agenda)pdf(171 KB)
Instruction for proxy-granting and voting prior to the meeting, remote attendance and Electronic Shareholders' Forumpdf(204 KB)
2015 annual report
2015 consolidated annual financial report, which includes the consolidated annual accounts, the Group's management report, the auditor's report and the 2015 annual banking report
2015 individual annual financial report, which includes the individual annual accounts, the management report and the auditor's report
2015 annual report on corporate governance
2015 annual report on directors' remuneration (item fifteenth of the agenda)pdf(338 KB)
2015 committees report (reports of the audit committee which contains the reports regarding the independence of the auditor and regarding related-party transactions), the appointments committee, the remuneration committee (including the specific report on the director remuneration policy), and the risk supervision, regulation and compliance committee
Material facts (CNMV)
By-laws in force
The resulting text of the By-laws if the amendments proposed to the General Shareholders' Meeting are approvedpdf(399 KB)
Rules and Regulations for the General Shareholders' Meeting in force
The resulting text of the Rules and Regulations for the General Shareholders' Meeting if the amendments proposed at the General Shareholders' Meeting are approvedpdf(346 KB)
Rules and Regulations of the Board of Directors in force
Rules and Regulations of the Electronic Shareholders' Forum
Valid requests for information, clarification or questions asked by shareholders exercising their right to receive information and any answers provided by the directors (only available in Spanish)pdf(692 KB)
Branch search for proxy granting
Attendance/Proxy/Distance voting cardpdf(232 KB)
Frequently asked questionspdf(404 KB)
Other informationpdf(200 KB)

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