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Santander Universities support university research and dissemination of research results, also facilitating researcher mobility through grants, access to training programmes, research prizes, professorships…

In Spain, it is also worth highlighting the support for the General Foundation CSIC with ComFuturo, which is aimed at addressing the problem of highly qualified young scientists not being able to find jobs; Cajal Blue Brain project with the UPM, which seeks to investigate solutions to mental health problems and untreated neurological illnesses, and the XXVII Antarctic Campaign activities.

Mexico has the Ixtli programme, which facilitates the development of graphical project environments in classrooms, laboratories...and the UAM's Innova Company Incubation System.

In China, ShanghaiTech University runs an IT and new technologies institute for young researchers, in collaboration with Brown University, US. Boston has Field Practicum to increase training of healthcare professionals with grants for students who are less well off.

The Welcome Researcher Centres in German universities, such as Geothe and Humboldt, provide support to researchers during their time in the country. 

In Russia support is provided for scientific and academic activities in the Higher School of Economics, St Petersburg and in the Financial University of the Government of the Russian Federation, including conferences, seminars, research projects, grants, etc. And in Singapore, SURE helps NUS researchers to develop their work in four prestigious universities in China, USA and the United Kingdom.

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