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Internship scholarships

Santander Internship Scholarships in SMEs
University students in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, UK, Portugal, Puerto Rico and Uruguay will be able to complement their training and take their first steps into the job market with one of these grants, which last for three or six months. Spain was the first in develop this program, offering every year 5,000 students the opportunity of carrying out remunerated in SMEs, with a contribution of €1,800 euros.

Junta de Andalucía-Banco Santander grants
1,000 grants for doing job placements in companies targeted at Andalusian youths who are under 30 years of age and unemployed. For a period of six months, they will have the opportunity of improving their employability and acquiring professional experience, with a total payment of 2,700 euros.

Student Grants

The Ítaca scholarships offered by the Barcelona Autónoma University help students completing secondary education with strong academic records from underprivileged social and economic backgrounds. They enable these students to continue their studies and include a monthly payment of 500 euros for ten months a year, renewable for the length of their studies. 

The Alumni scholarships awarded by the Catalunya International University include 20 grants offering financial aid for students each year. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of the students’ academic achievements and their financial and family situation.

Alcalá University offers aid to offset situations in which a student is unable to study due to economic reasons (exemption from course fees and exceptional assistance). Girona University offers grants to cover the course fees for official master’s degrees for Spanish (62) and foreign (38) students.

Ramón Llull offers scholarships to reduce the cost of course fees for different types of students; Madrid Polytechnic University offers scholarships for double degrees and A Coruña offers grants for 60 students who wish to study for a master’s degree at the university.

Scholarships for Academic Excellence

The Miguel de Cervantes European University offers Scholarships for Sporting and Academic Excellence for undergraduates with strong academic records.

Francisco de Vitoria University awards the Europa scholarships each year enabling the 50 of the highest achieving high school students in the country to take part in a trip around Europe that includes meetings with internationally acclaimed professionals, cultural and leisure activities. 

65 students attending the Madrid European University are offered full training scholarships; Barcelona University awards 20 scholarships to retain talent for PDI projects and the Cartagena Polytechnic University offers 11 scholarships for excellence for new undergraduates.

Postgraduate Grants

Ibero-American Grants for Degree Course Students grant up to 15,000 international mobility grants, each for 3,000 euros. Grants may be applied for by students from Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico and Uruguay. 

And Ibero-American Young Teachers' and Researchers' Grants will award a total of 3,000 grants with an endowment of €5,000 each. These grants cover academic visits of at least two months to one of the participating universities from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, Puerto Rico and Uruguay. Scientists and academics who are preferably younger than 35 and hold a current employment contract during the period of validity of the grant may apply for this support.

The Miguel de Cervantes scholarships offer 100 Latin American professors and graduates to pursue their postgraduate/master’s degrees at Alcalá University. Jaume I offers 61 grants for master’s degree students from Latin America.

Navarra University runs a programme offering 65 master’s scholarships that cover half the course fees for European and Latin American students. The Politécnica de Cartagena University awards 14 scholarships for second year graduate and master’s students to carry out academic exchanges with institutions in China.

Salamanca University grants 32 scholarships for Latin American master’s degree students, Valladolid university offers 25 to Asian and Latin American students (mainly from India and Brazil) and the Pontificia de Comillas University offers 10 scholarships for the Migraciones Institute to complete the master’s degree in international cooperation and development.

The Carolina Foundation runs a programme of grants for three major projects: A master’s course for Latin American graduate students, Líder Scholarships for the 50 students with the best academic results in Latin America and a programme of short exchanges for Brazilian research personnel.

Doctorate and research Grants

Various Spanish universities run research scholarship programmes such as Alfonso X El Sabio (40), Autónoma de Barcelona (16), Rey Juan Carlos (60) and Madrid Complutense. Murcia university offers 20 grants for researchers, who join research centres after their time abroad.

The research grants offered by Granada University to work on the Temple of Thutmose III in Eygpt supports the field of archaeology. And CSIC offers 5 ComFuturo scholarships for the development of research projects in the area of science and technology.

Ramón Llull runs a programme of pre-doctorate scholarships and post-doctorate training exchanges in addition to technical support for research projects. San Pablo CEU offers 63 research mobility grants to improve the scientific qualities of the participants and progress towards excellence in research.

The JADE PLUS scholarships offered at Lleida University enable students from Spain, Portugal and Latin America to experience exchanges of up to three years to complete their doctorate studies. Navarra (8) and Madrid Polytechnic (22) universities have a programme of doctorate scholarships while Gerona offers 150 grants at its Doctorate School.

Zaragoza (16), Salamanca (16) and Jaume I (10) offer aid for doctorate students in Latin America. Rovira i Virgili university gives scholarships to up to 17 doctorate students and to take on emerging researchers.

The Barcelona Autónoma university awards 24 post doctorate scholarships for researchers from all over the world. And the Madrid Autónoma university offers scholarships for permanent PDI staff.

Volunteer scholarships

The Madrid Autonomous University offers 11 scholarships for the Talloires network. These are full time scholarships lasting six months, offering financial assistance to cover basic maintenance and accommodation costs, in addition to medical insurance and transport.