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Student Smart Card

Almost 9,1 million university students in Spain, Portugal and Latin America are currently using a card developed by the bank in collaboration with more than 279 universities. It can be used as personal identification and offers services such:

  • University card.
  • University self-service. It can be used through different channels (ATMs, terminals installed on campus, online, etc.).
  • Control of access to certain campus facilities and computers.
  • Management of library loans.
  • Discounts in shops.
  • Electronic wallet, for payments on campus and on public transport.
  • Loan of public bicycles.
  • Debit card (optional) for those TUI holders who may be interested.
  • APP TUI for Android and iPhone.
  • Development of a wearables pilot (smartwatch and wristbands).

The USC International Observatory, which provides smart card-based electronic administration solutions.

The Student Smart Card offer electronic certification for identification and coding over the Internet both on and off campus. Santander issues digital certificates through its digital certification infrastructure known as "WG10 QUALIFIED Identification Root CA". These digital certificates are only issued to individuals who have a specific relationship with the University as a professional, student or researcher.

The Declaration of Certification Practices (PDF 289 Kb) - defines the general terms and conditions that govern Santander's certification services.

The Certification Policy (PDF 137 Kb) - defines the specific regulations for the certificate issued by Santander.

The Policy Information Document (PDF 39 Kb) - contains information for the end users of services provided by Santander to universities that are members of the university card system.

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