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Entrepreneurship Awards


Young Entrepreneur Award

Every year, Banco Santander Río launches its Young Entrepreneur Award, which has received projects from 50 universities from all over the country. The number of participating students and universities is increasing every year. The winning projects are chosen for their innovation, viability, profit making and job creation prospects, and level of corporate social responsibility.
The first prize project is awarded 40,000 pesos, while the second and third place projects receive 30,000 and 20,000 pesos respectively.
Further information is available on the Santander Universities website in Argentina.


Santander Universities Awards

The prizes are divided into four categories: The Santander Award for Science and Innovation; the Santander Entrepreneurial Award; the Santander University Solidarity Award, and the Student Guide Award: Figures of the Year. Award anual disbursements have doubled to two million reais
This is one of Santander Universities' main lines of action, which aims to promote entrepreneurship and innovation on campus, strengthening the relationship between universities and business and the transfer of knowledge from academia to society.
Further information is available on the Santander Universities website in Brazil.


BRAIN Chile Entrepreneur Award

Brain Chile is a joint initiative of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (UC) - with the aid of its Innovation Centre UC Anacleto Angelini, the School of Engineering and the Department of Transfer and Development. Banco Santander, through Santander Universidades, and the UC have joined forces to support science and technology entrepreneurs at universities around the country, providing more opportunities for undergraduates, graduates and researchers.

Candidates can apply at www.brainchile.cl and contact brain@uc.cl with any queries they may have.


Santander Venture Award for Innovation

The Lauder Institute of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and the bank grant these awards, which recognise entrepreneurs who develop creative business proposals while studying and MBA at the university


Banco Santander and Fundación de Universidades de Castilla y León (FUESCYL) hold the University Business Challenge awards each year for outstanding R&D+i projects. There are cash prizes for a total of 40,000 euros for the top three projects, along with a special 8,000 euros prize for new entrepreneurs and a runner-up award entailing a 3,000 euros research grant.

In addition, the BCN Thinking Challenge award will be given to the best project and most enterprising university by Universitat Abat Oliva, while CEU Cardenal Herrera will hold its annual First Lego League event for secondary school students.

Other leading awards include the Banco Santander Award for the University of Malaga Best Spin Off challenge, the Miguel Hernández University's Business Marathon Award for the best entrepreneurship initiative, and the Banco Santander Award for Educational Improvement, Innovation and Management to Universitat Jaume I's Administration and Service Staff (PAS).


Santander Awards for Enterprise and Science and Innovation

Santander each year it announces the Santander Awards for Enterprise and Science and Innovation Mexico, with the aim of fostering an enterprise culture among young people so that they can design and carry out innovative business projects as well as research and technology transfer projects.

It has become consolidated as the most important platform for projecting and developing university projects in Mexico and it has handed out over 8 million pesos to enterprise projects.

The prize will be able to rely on the collaboration of Santander, the Secretary for Public Education (SEP), the National Association of Universities and Institutions for Higher Education (ANUIES) and the Board for Business Coordination.

Further information is available on the Santander Universities website in Mexico.


Business Ideas Award 

The Business Ideas Award recognizes innovation in science and technology projects, and encourages entrepreneurship and the creation of new businesses. The University of Porto Award is sponsored by the bank.
The winner of this prize will receive €10,000 for the capital needed to start a business, and another €5,000 to cover the cost of advice for the business plan. The second and third prize winners will each receive €5,000 to spend on their business plans, and for the costs of business incubation fees and advice. 
FCSH-Santander Totta 'Best Business Idea Entrepreneurship Award'

These award was first given in 2012. The aim of this award is to stimulate innovative entrepreneurship among Social Science and Humanities students and graduates in the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, as well as in other teaching units.
Further information is available on the Santander Universities website in Portugal

United Kingdom

Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Award  

Santander holds the Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Award every year, for universities with agreements with the bank in the UK. The competition is divided into two categories: undergraduate and postgraduate students, with three awards for each category.
The winners will not only receive a cash prize, but will have the opportunity to make use of the bank's services to help them start up their proposed business. The prize money awarded varies between £1,000 and £25,000.
Further information is available on the Santander Universities website in United Kingdom

Puerto Rico

Santander Awards for Enterprise and Innovation

This award is part of the Plan of Support for Higher Education (PAES) which supports initiatives that encourage the development of higher education. The first prize is valued at $10,000, while the second is worth $5,000 and the third $3,000. In addition, there are two prizes for honourable mentions worth $1,500 each.
Participants prepare a video to present their innovative idea, which is then evaluated for creativity, content, clarity and originality. The winners of these awards will be eligible for grants and credit lines to develop their business plan.


Young Entrepreneurs Award

Banco Santander is launching the Young Entrepreneurs Award in Uruguay, which aims to foster the entrepreneurial culture among students through initiatives including programmes, business ideas competitions and fellowships. in order to contribute to the social and economic development of the country through the creation of wealth and new sources of employment.
First place comes with a cash prize of 8,500 dollars, second with 5,500 dollars and third with 2,800 dollars. In total, every year over 16,500 dollars are shared out in prize money.
More information is available on the Santander Universities webpage for Uruguay: www.santander.com.uy/universidades