We support universities through the transformation processes they undergo to adapt to the needs of the present and the future, particularly with the digitization. 

  • MetaRed: Collaborative space with Ibero-American universities for joint reflection on the challenges they experience in terms of digital transformation (MetaRed TIC), university entrepreneurship (MetaRed X) and sustainability (MetaRed ESG).
  • Campus Digital: Offers universities an innovative model that make processes more agile and personalises the daily communications of all university groups through an easy and straightforward digital experience.
  • Encuentros Internacionales de Rectores Universia: These summit are part of the bank's support for universities as drivers of social and economic development and have become one of the biggest rectors' summits in the world. The last one was celebrated in Valencia, Spain, with more than 700 rectors of 14 countries. 
  • We work with a unique, global network with more than 1,200 universities, institutions and organizations in 26 countries.