As host and sponsor of the UEFA Champions League, Banco Santander wants football fans and those who will go to see the Final at the Metropolitan Stadium to have a unique experience in Madrid. Therefore, about 1,000 volunteers will be charged with helping them in whatever they need, guiding them throughout the city.

Do you know how Santander volunteers can help you?

Banco Santander wants to connect with people in the same way that sports does and, more specifically, football. The UEFA Champions League, the most watched annual sporting event in the world, creates a special link between the spectator and conveys positive and strong values. That’s why the entity headed by Ana Botín decided last year to sponsor the greatest European competition.

The circumstances could not have been better. In the first year of sponsorship, the Final of the Champions League will be played in Madrid, Spain, at the brand-new stadium of the Stadium Metropolitano.

For this reason, the entity wants the experience for football fans who converge on the capital in the coming days to be immensely special. With the motto: “Citizens of the World, Welcome Home”, about 1,000 volunteers will be scattered throughout the city to guide, give advice, and encourage people to participate in a great number of activities… For example, tourists can immerse themselves in an authentic 360º experience thanks to Santander Arena. Thanks to the technology provided you will be able to see the Stadium Metropolitano without ever leaving Madrid’s Plaza Mayor…

This experience is open to anyone who wants to be part of it, you only have to be of age and meet some requirements, but above all, be passionate about football. The thousand volunteers will have their own functions and will be in charge of helping all the fans who arrive in the capital to enjoy the final football on June 1.

Fans will be helped with their luggage

Madrid is one of the most popular cities in Spain, but there is a first time for everything. It is possible that some of those coming this weekend have never been to the Spanish capital before or have only stayed for a short time. A city as big as it, with a vast network of public transportation, can give one a bit of vertigo. Therefore, most of those 1,000 volunteers will be at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas Airport and at the Atocha Train Station waiting for them to help them with their luggage and to tell them the best way to get to their hotels and apartments.

They will help direct on urban transportation and at main connecting points

Volunteers will not only be present at the airport and train stations. Banco Santander will have four fixed stands. One in the symbolic Plaza Mayor of Madrid, where you can obtain everything from maps of the city to t-shirts, and which will organize activities for young and old; and three others at Nuevos Ministerios, Adolfo Suárez Airport, Madrid Barajas, and Atocha, Where the bank’s VIP clients and the spectators of the final will be welcomed. They will also be found scattered throughout busy metro stations and at eight points at which the fan bus will stop, passing by places in Madrid most steeped in football lore, such as the Santiago Bernabéu and Vicente Calderón stadiums, Cibeles, and Neptune.

In addition, Santander Arena at Plaza Mayor will be installed, where fans can experience a 360 degrees immersive experience to feel what it’s like inside a stadium and two games will be organized that will provide lots to talk about.

The tour will be carried out by three fan buses, each with two guides that will explain curiosities of the world of the king of sports in Madrid.

Both at the Santander volunteer points and in this itinerary, those who arrive in Madrid will be guided through the urban transportation, the easiest way to move around Madrid and to do things in the city’s busiest places.

In addition, Banco Santander will offer Santander Walking Tours, a totally free walking tour where volunteers will help you get to know some of the most emblematic places in the capital for football lovers.

On the other hand, Santander has three Work Cafés in Madrid located at Plaza de los Sagrados Corazones, Velázquez, and Valdebebas. These collaborative spaces where in just a single location a bank, coworking space and cafeteria are joined together will become an official information point for fans coming to Madrid. The entity wants to use these facilities for tourists and fans to rest, as a meeting point, and for information. Of course, the Santander volunteers will be there to help them.

The trail of Champions-flavor bars

Madrid is characterized by good weather, and even more so at the end of May. It’s true that sometimes it can even be too hot. That’s why a good solution is to enjoy Madrid’s recreation in some of the bars with the strongest Champions-flavor.

Santander has reached an agreement with these establishments so that visitors can enjoy the Santander Champions Tapa, where each bar will offer its finest products and “tapa”:

  • La Sirena Verde: Gran Vía, 62.
  • Casa Parrondo: Calle Trujillos, 9.
  • Dingo Recoletos: Paseo de Recoletos, 4.
  • La Cochera: Calle O’ Donnell, 17.
  • La Colonial: Calle Jorge Juan, 34.
  • Taberna Rincón de Goya: Calle Lagasca, 48.
  • Bar Restaurante Pasacalles: Calle Marqués de Duero, 6.
  • Sidrería El Llagar:  Plaza Párroco Luis Calleja, 6.
  • Más Jamón: Paseo de la Castellana, 117.
  • Bar Refra. Calle Santiago, 4.

Security: Key to the meeting

Guaranteed security also resides in the decision that Madrid has been the city chosen to host the Final. The capital is more than ready to receive the thousands of fans. In the realm of recreation and security, Madrid is unparalleled. Chosen as the place used to play important matches like the recent Final of the Copa Libertadores, derbies between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid, and the famous Classic between the Whites and Barcelona, in the Spanish capital, peace and fun are guaranteed.

The volunteers will also be present at the Santander Media House that will be installed at the Plaza de la Villa to welcome all the journalists from all over the world covering the Final of the Champions League, and where interviews will be held by the greatest football experts in our country and on the planet. Maybe fans want to check out the huge media presence on the square that will arrive to cover the most anticipated party of the year, or to see in person their knowledge and sports opinion.

Thanks to Banco Santander, every fan will enjoy a unique experience in Madrid in the days leading up to the final, and places where they can soak in the “Champions League atmosphere”, have a good time, and learn. And, who knows, maybe the icing on the cake will be to see their team lift the “Orejona” (the Champions League Trophy).