Coinciding with International Women's Day, Banco Santander is launching the 11th edition of the Santander Women Scholarships | W50 Leadership programme aimed at driving female leadership in professional environments.

In tandem with the London School of Economics and with an online format, 50 women will receive high-quality training to develop a personal leadership style by means of a dynamic and experiential programme and individual coaching sessions. 

The programme, applications for which can be submitted until 10 May at, is aimed at women with over ten years of workplace experience in positions of responsibility who aspire to hold senior management and board positions in any sector.

Madrid, 8 March 2021.
Banco Santander, through Santander Universities and in partnership with the London School of Economics (LSE), is launching the eleventh edition of the Santander Women Scholarships | W50 Leadership - London School of Economics programme, to provide high-performance training to women with leadership skills who aspire to occupy senior management and board positions in any sector.

This eight-week international programme, in which 700 professionals from around the world have already taken part in the ten previous editions, will take place between September and December this year and is open to 50 women with more than ten years of work experience in positions of responsibility. They must also have a minimum level of B1 in English and be nationals of, or resident in, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, Poland, Uruguay, Peru, the UK and the USA. 

This initiative is in line with Banco Santander's steadfast commitment to gender equality in all the countries in which it operates, promoting and empowering female talent with the aim of achieving effective equality. It is a commitment that places the bank among the ten most advanced companies in the world in this field, according to the 2021 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index. 

Santander, which has also signed up to the United Nations' Women's Empowerment Principles, has a 40% female presence on its board of directors, which is much higher than the average for major listed companies in Spain and Europe. Santander has also set a target of women holding 30% of senior management positions by 2025.

Delivered by the London School of Economics, one of the most prestigious international universities in the world, the participants receive online training in crucial areas for future leaders such as organisational intelligence, corporate governance, business strategy and negotiation.

“Banco Santander is recognised for its commitment to diversity and is also keen to play its part in ensuring that many more women can be part of the leadership of all kinds of companies and organisations. A company that wishes to succeed cannot ignore 50% of its talent, which is why we are delighted to launch another edition of the Santander W50 programme, in partnership with the London School of Economics", said Javier Roglá, global head of Santander Universities.

Professor Connson Locke, Professorial Lecturer in Management and W50 Academic Director, added: "We are delighted to offer the Santander Scholarships Women | W50 Leadership – LSE programme in partnership with Santander Universities. This a unique opportunity to build the next generation of female leaders who aspire to take on leadership roles in their organisation and are seeking to further develop their own leadership style.”

These scholarships also offer a unique opportunity to share experiences with 50 women from different geographical and professional backgrounds, encourage networking and establish a global network of future female leaders in their sectors.

Potential applicants can view all of the requirements and apply at www. between 8 March and 10 May. 

Banco Santander and its support for higher education
Banco Santander, the leader in responsible banking, is firmly committed to progress and inclusive sustainable growth. It has a long-standing commitment to higher education through Santander Universities, which has been working in this area for 25 years and which sets it apart from the world's other financial institutions. Banco Santander has invested more than 2 billion euros and awarded over 630,000 scholarships and grants since its establishment.

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