Santander helping you prosper in a digital world

Our passion about football is just as strong as our passion for a safe digital life. 

We believe that a clean sheet makes a great match. Keeping our rivals away from the goal takes practice, good tactics and a solid defence. The same is true about your online security. 

That’s why we think football and cyber security make a great team. Learn more about the simple tactics that can improve your safety online.


Protect your information and equipment

Whether it’s football or your digital life, staying on top of your game is key to keeping your team and information safe. 


Be discreet online and in public 

On the pitch and online, there are things you only share with those that you trust. Make sure you know what you are sharing and with whom.


Think before you click or reply 

When the opposing team keeps the pressure on, it’s important to keep cool and stay focused. Don’t fall into the traps, spot those suspicious messages. 


Keep your passwords safe

A strong defence has more than a few players. The same applies to your passwords… the longer, the better. 


Remember: If you suspect it, report it 

“Watch out!” “Close that gap” “Over here!” Letting others know about what you see is important on the pitch and online.  

Press Releases
Santander launches PagoFX in the UK to offer fast, secure and low-cost international transfers with no fees for two months

Banco Santander today announced the launch of PagoFX, a low-cost international money transfer service, in the UK. This new service, available via a mobile app, allows UK residents with a debit card issued by any UK bank or financial entity to seamlessly and quickly send money abroad from their smartphone with low costs, bank-level security and customer support via in-app chat, web and e-mail. In light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, PagoFX will allow customers to use the service to transfer money abroad without any fees at all for the next two months.

Innovation Stories
Simple, fair international payments with One Pay FX and PagoFX

Sending money abroad digitally has become a staple for millions of people as globalisation and technology are flourishing. And with our financial needs evolving, Santander aims to innovate and fill in the gaps in international payments through One Pay FX and PagoFX – the international money transfer services that form part of the banking group’s digital ecosystem. Together they reflect Santander´s ambition to deliver fast, simple and safe international digital payments for all. Now, let’s take a look at how each service differs and how you can benefit from them.

Press Releases Argentina
Santander Argentina shares tips to safely operate through digital channels

Santander Argentina has shared a series of recommendations with its customers to prevent cyber-fraud and ensure the secure use of its digital channels such as online banking, telephone banking or the bank's app.

Press Releases Mexico
Banco Santander has launched the first numberless credit card in Mexico

Santander Mexico has launched a numberless credit card for its customers that reduces the risk of fraud by 90%.

Press Releases Mexico
Santander Mexico improves security through biometrics

Santander Mexico has begun to register customers’ biometric data to make their transactions more secure. The entity will invest one billion pesos in the next five years and expects to register more than 3.7 million customers in the country during the first stage.

Innovation Stories
Blockchain: security and transparency at the service of banking

Blockchain technology allows data and funds to be transferred in a completely secure manner thanks to sophisticated coding and encryption.