Santander embraces digitalisation and are committed to using technology to improve the experience of our customers, both individuals and businesses.

A good example of this is the design of services such as digital onboarding, or mobile registration at Santander in Spain, by which any individual or entity can register with our bank on a computer, mobile phone or tablet in a fully digital way and in just a few minutes.

This service allows our future customers to save time when opening an account at our bank. When they register online, they get immediate access to a current account without any exchange of hard-copy documentation, as all documents are digitally signed.

We use tools to make this possible that include AI-based applications and identity verification via video call. This way we can guarantee the same standards of security and compliance as at bank branches.

This online registration process redefines our relationship with our customers. In addition to allowing us to offer simple, intuitive, fast and secure registration methods, digital onboarding gives us a chance to provide our customers with personalised financial products and services, along with the ability to arrange accounts or cards associated with those accounts.

The rapid growth in the adoption of digital products and services is reflected in numbers. 37 million digital customers now place their trust in Santander – 15% more than the previous year. On average, our customers access one of the bank's mobile or digital platforms five times per week.

All of these tools and initiatives form part of our bank's digital philosophy, which we have called Digilosofía, based on the idea that our customers should choose how, where and when they relate to us, using technology not as an end, but as a means of improving their experience with our bank.

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