Cámara de Comercio Española en México (Camescom)
La IED española ocupa el segundo lugar de generación de flujos de inversión hacia México con 5.511 millones de dólares durante este sexenio

Spain is the second largest investor in Mexico

An article by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Mexico (Camescom) asserts that Spain is the second largest contributor of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Mexico, with a long-term and socially responsible investment profile.

Camescom has reported that Spain’s foreign direct investment (FDI) in Mexico over the last six years totals 5.511billion dollars, second only to the United States. Its article, available on its website, also concludes:

  • Spanish investment in Mexico has been constant for last 20 years.
  • FDI in Mexico since 2019 attests to Spanish companies’ firm confidence in Mexico. According to the Office for Economic Affairs, Spain – with 70.898 billion dollars (12.1%) – is second only to the United States, with 277.485 billion dollars (47.2%). 
  • Spain leads other European investors, accounting for 38.4% of the EU's FDI in Mexico.
  • Financial services receive the most investment from Spanish-owned companies established in Mexico, totaling 28.209 billion dollars or 39.7%, followed by telecommunications and mass media with 15.075 billion dollars (21.2%).

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