Distance selling can really help these businesses survive in the current crisis. 

Mexico City, 18 May 2020.
Banco Santander Mexico announces the launch of e-SPUG to help stores and private sellers easily process distant sales. This innovative system can generate a payment link with no need for a point-of-sale terminal, website or online payment channel. This solution is expected to help 70,000 customers who need to receive instant payment in the current crisis. 

Through GetNet, Santander's in-store payment solution, stores and private sellers will be offered one of the simplest and most agile systems on the market for processing online sales, using only a computer or mobile device. Everything is done in a secure environment, with no need to download applications. The fee of 2.8% per transaction for the bank's customers is the lowest on the market. 

Receiving payment is easy. Stores and private sellers just have to set up a link at www.espug.com.mx and share it with customers using an instant messaging service; the customer receives the payment information in a secure environment and completes the cycle. 

It takes less than five minutes to sign up. The service works with any Santander or other bank account, and accepts Visa, MasterCard and Carnet cards. There is also an interest-free payment option for up to 12-months' with all of the banks. Stores can keep track of their payments at all times. 

Fabián Ferrari, head of GetNet Mexico, says "we have applied our payment-processing experience to offer a new option that is powerful and appropriate for the current times, while also simple to use. Stores and private sellers need to be able to sell remotely now. This can mean survival in the face of the current challenging circumstances and changing consumer patterns. And it is also a tool to help these small businesses carry on". 

This GetNet solution can process payments from anywhere in the world, at any time of day or night, for sales of up to 15,000 pesos per transaction, subject to maximum turnover of 20,000 pesos per day and 70,000 pesos per month. This will mainly benefit stores and private sellers, restaurants, small supermarkets, pharmacies, schools and service providers.  

e-SPUG is one of GetNet's first initiatives in Mexico as an in-store payment solution and one of Santander's actions to boost the economy.