Santander branch

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Grupo Santander's priority has been to protect the health of its 200,000 employees worldwide.

Santander informed its employees at the end of February of the main preventive measures to avoid the spread of the coronavirus and implemented protocols to be followed by those who had been in one of the areas most affected by the virus. A few days later, the bank asked its employees to avoid unnecessary travel, postpone or cancel meetings or gatherings involving a large number of people and the obligation to report any suspected contagion.

As the pandemic has grown in each of the countries in which the Group operates, Santander has been taking additional measures to protect the health of its employees and ensure business continuity:

  • Teleworking: The Group's technology and communication capabilities enable more than 100,000 employees throughout the Group to work remotely. The tools for sharing files, making video calls and connecting securely from home enable the Group's employees to continue with their activity.

  • Branches: in order to protect the health of employees who deal directly with our customers at branches, Santander has adapted its network to the new circumstances, establishing special opening hours, selective closures, shifts and additional protective measures (such as the use of gloves, sanitising gels, installation of plastic separators, etc.).

  • Corporate buildings: for those professionals who continue to carry out their duties from corporate buildings (above all, personnel critical to the continuity of the Group's operations), social distancing measures have been reinforced, alternative locations have been provided, equipment has been segregated, cleaning has been reinforced and the number of people in the work centres has been reduced to a minimum.

All these measures have been applied as a priority to the most vulnerable employees belonging to risk groups where COVID-19 may have a more serious impact.

Finally, the Group has also launched a series of other initiatives to facilitate the reconciliation of professional and working life, advance payments and special loans, psychological support services and other aid measures.