We are donating sanitary materials and collaborating with governments and institutions to find solutions during this crisis.

In order to support the global effort to combat coronavirus, Santander has created a fund to provide essential equipment and materials to the health system.

€100 m

donated to initiatives to combat COVID-19

€100 m

donated to initiatives to combat COVID-19

The Together Solidarity Fund was launched in March with 25 million euros, financed initially through the decision of the Executive Chairman, Ana Botin, and CEO, Jose Antonio Alvarez, to forgo  50% of their total compensation (salary and bonus) this year; a 20% cut in compensation for non-executive directors, and voluntary contributions by employees. The fund has been increased to €54 million with additional contributions from the countries in which the Group operates, funded by voluntary employee donations, third parties, and the Group subsidiaries themselves. 

Contributions are being used throughout Santander’s home markets to buy medical equipment and support research into the virus through collaboration with universities and other bodies. 

Santander has also mobilised a further €16 million by diverting funds earmarked for other projects to protect those vulnerable groups most affected by the disease in several countries. 

Santander has also mobilised almost 20 million euros through Santander Universities to support collaboration projects, led by Crue Spanish Universities and the CSIC, that will help to find solutions to the health and educational challenges arising from the COVID-19 crisis. The initiative aims to support collaborative research projects in the development of vaccines, drugs or new diagnostic techniques, to name a few examples; supporting the most disadvantaged students so that they can continue the academic year; or studies of exit scenarios for this crisis.

In addition, Santander will allocate, through its international subsidiaries, an additional 10 million euros to promote social, medical and educational projects in collaboration with its global network of universities in the countries where Santander is present.

Santander are in continuous contact with governments, public institutions, regulators and supervisors to seek solutions to the crisis and ensure that the measures adopted are effective in supporting clients and society in general.

Santander has also created “Overcome Together”, an open and accessible space for individuals and companies, which contains information and resources to help support the fight against coronavirus (COVID-19). Among the digital resources that can be found in this space to mitigate the effects of the crisis are: volunteering opportunities, official information, leisure alternatives or teleworking recommendations.

To assist the university community during the coronavirus lockdown, Santander, via Santander Universities, launched the online scholarships programme - #StayAtHome. This programme is aimed at helping undergraduates and graduates develop digital, language and soft skills which will help their future employability. It will also help university lecturers in an increasingly digital world. Those interested can find out more information about the various scholarship programmes available and apply at