Santander helps students around the world to prosper. The efforts and hard work put in by thousands of students are acknowledged with the Santander Erasmus Scholarships, an example of equal opportunities, inclusion and academic excellence.

The Santander Erasmus Scholarships are now in their second year with over 5,000 opportunities for students from all over Spain. Our commitment to academic excellence and inclusion is backed by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities and CRUE Universidades Españolas.

For Ana Botín, executive chairman of Banco Santander, "this programme is a great example of how to drive equal opportunities and academic excellence, because excellence must be inclusive and contribute to the interests of the general public and to equity".

Students Santander Erasmus Scholarships.
Students Santander Erasmus Scholarships.

The programme's main objective is to promote equal opportunities, inclusion and acknowledge academic excellence among young university students who wish to study in other EU countries or carry out international internships. 

For students to be able to pursue their dreams, the second edition offers nearly EUR 2 million in financing with scholarships of EUR 3,200, EUR 500 and EUR 150. 

Santander Erasmus Scholarship must be submitted on this link by 16 March 2020 and all the information about Santander Grants can be found at

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