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Environmental footprint and energy efficiency plan


Calculating the consumption and emissions from the bank's installations enabled the Group to know its environmental footprint. Banco Santander performs rigorous measurement, calculation and control of its environmental footprint. This, in turn, enabled common objectives to be set for medium and long-term improvement and reduction over the next three years and exchange best practices among the Group's countries and units through an energy efficiency plan.

The energy efficiency plan 2011-2013 sets the following principal objectives:

  • Reduce emissions of CO2: 3.5% in the first year and 9% until 2013. Focus on countries with the largest impact: Brazil, Chile, Spain, Mexico and the UK (representing 76% of total emissions).
  • Cut consumption of electricity: 3% in the first year for 19 countries overall. Electricity consumption represents 86% of the Group’s total.
In 2011 the Bank implemented various measures in accordance with its 2011-2013 energy efficiency plan. Relevant actions include:
  • Paperless banking: The bank has launched a project for the total elimination of paper in the retail banking business in Spain. All documentation in relation to the providing of products  and services is to be digital. Paper documents will only be printed at the customer´s request. In 2011 paper correspondence with employees in Spain was eliminated.
  • Lighting: more efficient lighting devices have been installed in various buildings, as well as presence detectors and  ignition time control.
  • Awareness: awareness campaigns and training ing  in best practices have also been carried out to reduce consumption and dissemination of environmental information on the corporate intranet.
  • Other: total turn off of all the computers after the working day, offsetting of emissios and buying green energy.
Other initiatives
  • Maintenance of the environmental management systems and other certifications at corporate centres in Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Chile and the United Kindom.
  • Training and raising of awareness of employees and suppliers on environmental management practices,
  • Incorporation of environmental criteria when purchasing forest products (furniture, paper, etc.) and electricity.
  • Offsetting of emissions related to corporate events like Executive´s Annual Convention.
  • Participation in the international campaign promoted by WWF Adena the Earth Hour, by means of the switching off of lights in several Bank’s buildings in various countries.

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You can access detailed information for 2018 through our Responsible Banking report.

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