Bruno Bautista has created Fundeen, a crowdfunding web portal for small savers to support renewable energy plans. 

Bruno Bautista, from Spain, had it clear from the beginning: the future was in renewable energies. That’s why he spent many years working in investment funds and looking for companies and assets in the field of clean wind and solar energies. However, he discovered something:

“The big funds invest more for the profits they take away, which nothing to scoff at, rather than for the social impact of the project. Furthermore, there is funding for sustainable projects, but the funds that have the greatest impact are only interested in the big projects. In Spain, investment in these kinds of projects was not yet very developed.”

Bautista believes that these funds cause various problems. On the one hand, less profitable programs are excluded from investments and, on the other, small investors who want to financially support sustainable projects are overshadowed by larger capital. This is why Fundeen was created.

It involves the first crowdfunding platform that democratizes investment into renewable energies in Spain and helps to solve the two problems. Thanks to it, private investors can invest a minimum of 500€ in order to support the sustainable project of their choosing.

“The goal is to focus on programs valued up to 2 million of euros that aren’t on the radar of big funds and banks because they are not as profitable as they expect, but have a much higher profitability than that of which an entity can offer to a small investor”, Bautista said.

A solar plant, his first project

The initiative was awarded at Banco Santander’s Explorer Awards in 2017 with a trip to the Silicon Valley. “With it, we’re looking for people to be able to make an impact with what they do. In this case, we’re doing it at a financial level, so that people can save money for what they believe, investing, for example, in energies”, he explains.

Despite having just over a year and a half years old, Fundeen has the authorization of the Comisión renewable Nacional de Mercados y Valores (National Stock Market Commission) to serve as a crowdfunding web portal and it has already financed its first project.

We’re talking about Calanova Solar, a solar system that will cover 25% of the energy needed for a golf range in Málaga and that will reduce the energy bill of the Calanova Golf club. The plan has raised more than 42,000€ through investment from 38 small investors.

“In 2019 we would like to reach more than 4,000 registered investors on the platform and finance projects valued at 7 million of euros. For the time being, we have already financed the first and we estimate that in the coming months we will reach half of a million in financing”, Bruno Bautista affirms.

That being said, the main goal is to make investment not only profitable, but also that it has a positive impact on society and the environment. In short, that it be sustainable. “If we dedicate ourselves to financing small projects, we won’t change the trends within the energy sector in Spain. We need to create something big.”