By La Razón.

The new ways in which young people work are turning into the most prized possessions for companies wanting to evolve and establish themselves.

The word “talent” goes hand in hand with two other very important ones: intelligence and skill. It is something that companies are increasingly looking for, aiming to avoid stagnation and positively underscore the importance of the world of entrepreneurship.

However, is a company capable of recognizing talent during a simple job interview? It can be difficult. That being said, what are the most accurate and effective techniques they use when recruiting?

The headhunter, key to success

It is an expensive service, but it is usually a profitable long-term means of recruitment. Headhunters gather and record information about the position for which recruitment is needed, analyzing recruitment references like LinkedIn, contacting candidates, and finally selecting three or four finalists in order to pass a hard interview.

Social networks, a tool for attracting talent

The boom of social networks has caused the invention of a new term related to the labor market: “nethunting”, i.e., searching for talent on the Internet.

One of the first things companies do is visit the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts of candidates. Therefore, the following is necessary:

  • Avoid filling them with inappropriate, offensive, or ideological.
  • Follow the networks of companies in which you want to work.
  • Take care of your own image and profile.
  • Maintain updated and complete profiles like on LinkedIn.

What is it valued more: skills or experience?

Traditional interviews are less and less common. Candidates are truly tested by many companies, laying out absurd and unforeseen situations in order for candidates to be able to solve them.

This way, skills begin to take precedence over experience as companies realize that the latter is no longer a synonym for efficiency, focusing more on candidates’ skills and learning abilities.

Programs for attracting talent

There are different projects for young men and women to be given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills. One of them is Banco Santander’s Business Competition, which is aimed at students in their final year or recent graduates residing in Spain.

The program consists of a specific challenge proposed by the bank’s Upper Management, Risk Assessment, and Research Team and carried out by groups made up of about three to five people. The 10 best projects are analyzed by the Banco Santander team and the top three finalists selected are granted a prizes of 5,000, 2,500 and 1,000 euros respectively.

It is a project that not only grants a cash reward, but also a possible position working at Banco Santander, which stays on the lookout for the skills and work ethic of candidates.