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Coronavirus: Santander and Swiss Medical give all health workers free access to the content on their training platform

From the "Academia Salud" platform, users can access online courses from any device at any time and free of charge.

Press Releases Argentina
The number of e-cheques issued increased 14-fold in the last two months

More than 41 thousand Santander Argentina e-cheques were issued in May, for a total amount of over 21,400 million pesos. This digital tool is growing exponentially in the current situation, against the backdrop of health measures to prevent covid-19.

Press Releases Argentina
Santander pensioners to get a charge-free account, preferential service and discounts at chemists

Santander launches the “Seniors Account”, which is 100% free of charge for pensioners who deposit their income in the bank. Included is access to services at more than 430 branches around the country using biometric readers, 1,330 service windows, 2,637 ATMs and more than 10,000 Santander Express service counters.

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Banco Santander launches "Santander X Tomorrow Challenge" to find solutions to the major challenges of post covid-19

EUR 1 million in funds and benefits for the 20 new entrepreneurships to contribute the best solution to the problems that we, as a community, are facing in the new paradigm post covid-19.

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Santander customers and employees make donations worth over $12 million

The money raised went to Cáritas, COAS, the Argentine Red Cross and the Seamos Uno initiative. The Bank doubled the amount donated by its employees and matched the amount received from customers.

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Santander Argentina has now approved MSME loans to pay 200,000 salaries

The bank has provided over 16,400 million pesos in loans to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. These loans were provided through special facilities to fund salary payments, working capital, and purchases of medical equipment and supplies in the case of healthcare companies.

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Hospital staff and doctors become high-priority customers at Santander Argentina

This week Santander launched the White account, a value proposition with additional benefits for healthcare professionals, who will also be treated as high-priority customers for their commitment to looking after others.

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Santander mobilises €100 million for solidarity initiatives to help combat the coronavirus pandemic

Santander is mobilising €100 million worldwide to fund initiatives to combat the coronavirus. The funds are being used throughout Santander’s home markets to buy medical equipment and support research into the virus through collaboration with universities and other bodies. The Together Solidarity Fund, which was set up by the Group on 23 March with €25 million, has now reached €54 million thanks to donations from the Group subsidiaries, employees across all the countries in which it operates and contributions from third parties. 

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Santander Argentina launches a coronavirus information and resources website

Banco Santander announces the launch of "Overcome together", a website where any person or company, whether or not a Santander customer, can find information and resources to help them get through the coronavirus (covid-19) emergency.

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Santander Argentina offers SMEs working capital lines of credit at 12%

From today, Santander is offering a new line of credit for SMEs and corporates to strengthen working capital by discounting cheques. The line of credit will carry an annual nominal interest of 12% for borrowers with salary accounts at the bank and 15% for the rest. 

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Santander tops 10,000 million pesos in loans to MSMEs for the payment of 175,000 salaries

In April, Santander provided over 10,000 million pesos in special lines of credit to fund salary payments, working capital and purchases of medical supplies and equipment to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.

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Santander Argentina increases its donation for driving scientific research into the coronavirus to ARS 80 million

An additional ARS 20 million is being added to the ARS 60 million already announced last week and will be put to use in different areas, including research into pharmaceuticals, the development of therapies and support for the most vulnerable sectors. 

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Santander Argentina shares tips to safely operate through digital channels

Santander Argentina has shared a series of recommendations with its customers to prevent cyber-fraud and ensure the secure use of its digital channels such as online banking, telephone banking or the bank's app.

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Santander Argentina has already approved loans for MSMEs and hospitals to the value of 6,000 million pesos for the payment of 100,000 salaries

In a matter of days, Santander provided 4,900 million pesos in loans - almost a third of its total credit facility - helping about 4,500 micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to pay 110,000 salaries. This is in addition to 726 million pesos in special loans to a dozen hospitals, clinics and nursing homes, and another 181 million pesos in additional credit facilities for MSMEs. 

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Santander Argentina to donate $60 million and match customers' contributions

Money raised will go to Cáritas, COAS, Cruz Roja Argentina and the Seamos Uno initiative to purchase hospital equipment, monitor and assist the at-risk population, as well as supply the most vulnerable communities with testing kits and food. 

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Prevention: More than 3,600 of Santander's employees are already teleworking from their homes

Santander Argentina is operating normally from this week, with over 3,600 employees - 40% of the company's staff - working from their homes and offering the usual services to over 3.5 million customers. The bank established a work protocol that ensures the normal services are delivered by its staff in the central areas, with the aim of looking after and protecting its employees, customers and vulnerable groups in general, the Contact Centre (customer telephone helpline) and some branch employees, who are currently teleworking. 

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Coronavirus: New 20% loans to promote teleworking

ARS 1 billion to be earmarked for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.