Coronavirus in Santander Poland

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Despite the pandemic, the furniture industry is working close to its maximum production capacity

The profitability of the furniture industry in July reached the level of the end of 2019.

Press Releases Poland
Support package for SMEs in Santander Bank Polska

Santander Bank Polska has provided new options to support its SME customers. From now on, customers who have suspended their business activity, will not pay the selected fees and charges. 

Press Releases Poland
Almost PLN 1.6bn of subsidies granted to Santander Bank Polska customers

According to the Polish Development Fund, subsidies under the financial shield totalled PLN 8.742bn. As much as 18% of those funds (PLN 1.569bn) was transferred to Santander Bank Polska customers. 

Press Releases Poland
Thanks to the #doublethepowerofhelp campaign, hospitals in Poland will receive over 5 million PLN!

More than 15 thousand people joined the charity fundraiser organised by Santander Bank Polska and the Santander Foundation to raise funds for the purchase of medical equipment and protective clothing necessary during the pandemic for 23 hospitals in Poland. Inaugurating the campaign, the bank donated PLN 2 million, and then doubled each amount paid by the donors.

Press Releases Poland
BGK guarantees for businesses in Santander Bank Polska

Many businesses are facing an unprecedented challenge - how to ensure business continuity and finance working capital requirements during the pandemic.  In addition to such reliefs as suspension of loan principal instalments, Santander Bank Polska offers its business clients also BGK de minimis guarantees which now cover 80% of the loan and in case of W/C loans can be granted for as long as 39 months. 

Press Releases Poland
Santander Bank Polska together with Santander Foundation donates 2 million zlotys for medical equipment and launches the fund-raiser for further fight with the epidemic

In response to the coronavirus outbreak and the needs reported by the Polish health care system, Santander Bank Polska will donate 2 million zlotys for the purchase of essential medical equipment for 8 Polish hospitals. The Bank has also declared that it would double the amount raised in the fund-raising initiative launched by the Santander Bank Polska Foundation.

Press Releases Poland
Santander Bank Polska waives some of the credit fees for SMEs - a new element of the support package for small and medium-sized enterprises

Santander Bank Polska will not charge the fee for a failure to meet the required limit of transactions crediting business accounts and the account management fees starting from 1 April 2020 until further notice.