Last update: 14/04/2021

We have set out to be one of the healthiest organisations in the world. Our BeHealthy programme is an initiative to encourage our employees to adopt healthy habits both in and outside the workplace.

Looking after a bank's health, is almost in reference to its financial situation. But there is another kind of health that we should also look after in order to achieve the goals that make a company grow: employee health. Employee health and well-being are factors that all companies should take into account.

Our bank wants its employees to have a healthy lifestyle both in and out of the office. With this in mind, we designed the BeHealthy global health and well-being programme a few years ago. BeHealthy works in four key areas: getting to know yourself (controlling the basic parameters of health), moving (doing whatever exercise best suits you), work-life balance (maintaining balance and well-being) and eating better (you are what you eat).

Events to encourage healthy life habits

In addition to this awareness programme, we also organise an annual event known as ‘BeHealthy Week’. Over several days, we demonstrate techniques for adopting healthy habits. 

Rafa Nadal joins the #SantanderBeHealthy challenge

In this video, tennis player Rafa Nadal, a Santander ambassador, tells us about the new healthy habits he learned during the pandemic and which he intends to maintain in the future. “The pandemic let us no choice but to adapt. I couldn’t just stop working out.”

At Santander we firmly believe that a healthy lifestyle has significant benefits in terms of commitment, brings positive energy to the workplace and allows us to connect with the community, strengthening personal relationships. A healthy team is undoubtedly a happier team that is more committed and works better. So, we're all winners.

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