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40 universities and Banco Santander create the world's largest platform for university entrepreneurs: Santander X

  • Entrepreneurs and universities throughout the world will collaborate and gain international exposure for their projects, in an open, digital environment thanks to Santander X.
  • The Bank will invest 50 million euros over the next four years on university entrepreneurship and projects with social impact.

Mexico City, 17 October 2017. Banco Santander today announced the launch of Santander X, a partnership with universities to create the largest ecosystem for university entrepreneurship in the world.

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Santander X will create an online network where universities and entrepreneurs throughout the world can collaborate, share ideas and expertise and even attract investment. It will allow universities to share best practices, and monitor and measure the impact of their entrepreneurship programs.

Santander’s Executive Chairman, Ana Botín, launched the initiative today in Mexico City, in an event attended by Vice Chancellors from 50 universities from various countries and Mexican entrepreneurs, together with the executive president of Santander Mexico, Héctor Grisi.

Ana Botín said, “Santander X aspires to be the point of connection for all entrepreneurs. It will be the largest global ecosystem for university entrepreneurship, opening the door to the talent required to build a better world for everyone”.

The platform has been initially developed in partnership with nearly 40 Universities from seven countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, Mexico, Portugal and Uruguay. The aim is to increase the number of universities engaged in the programme to 50 within three months and ultimately to over 1,000.

Over the next four years, Santander will invest 50 million euros to support entrepreneurship programs at universities. Nine hundred projects will be connected to Santander X by year-end.

Among the institutions participating is the Universidad Centro (Mexico), whose general manager, Kerstin Scheuch underscored that with the new platform, “universities can promote their best entrepreneurial capacity internationally and exchange their know how with other universities, creating an incomparable global network”.

The Santander X platform will be an open and collaborative digital framework in which students and entrepreneurs will have access to the community´s resources. They will be able to connect with other members of the Santander X ecosystem to develop their projects, identify new opportunities, collaborators and mentors, or ask for guidance from their university´s entrepreneurship department.

Commitment to Universities
Santander currently provides more support for higher education than any other company in the world. It provides grants to 36,000 students every year and partners with over 1,100 Universities across 21 countries. The aim of Santander X is to strengthen these partnerships to help entrepreneurs throughout the world grow and succeed while fostering projects with social impact that contribute to progress.

Santander’s support for higher education began 20 years ago, with the creation of Santander Universities. Since then, a network of more than 1,100 universities has been built. 

The Group also provides a number of initiatives to support entrepreneurs throughout the world – including more than 350 entrepreneurship programs at universities.  More than 7,000 entrepreneurs receive support from the Group each year. In addition, more than 25,000 young people participate in the entrepreneurship awards sponsored by the Bank each year.

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