Technology plays an essential role in our aim to become the best open financial services platform. The ‘Be Tech! with Santander' initiative will help us find and onboard 500 new employees with different digital backgrounds and degrees in STEM disciplines. 


To be the best open financial services platform we need not only the best technology, state-of-the-art infrastructure, applications and processes, but also have the best people and the most innovative talent. These new roles will also help us to develop critical knowledge and skills in house. 

Disruptive business models are redefining many sectors and we want to be prepared to be the driving force behind the transformation of our own sector. 

Current context

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated social-digitalisation processes. Clearly, technology is part of the solution. ‘Be Tech! with Santander’ was launched before the pandemic, but rather than holding us back, it has encouraged us to innovate and adapt. 

Santander is in a unique position to offer these opportunities to technology professionals looking for new challenges today. 

Hiring for the future

We are hiring people with digital and tech backgrounds across various areas: Agile, API, Cloud, Data, Network, DevSecOps, AI, Software Development, Enterprise Architecture and Product Management. 

The website, is constantly updated with the profiles we are looking for.  We want professionals who will not only bring new knowledge and expertise in the digital environment, but also new ways of thinking and tackling problems, which is essential for developing our capabilities in new digital technology projects such as Cloud, Data and Cybersecurity.

These new hires also enrich the knowledge of all employees, making Santander a better place to work.

 Joan Rodríguez
Joan Rodríguez
Juan Tavira
Bea Rodríguez

Opinions from #SanExperts

Here’s what some of the Group’s Technology and Operations experts say about their work today:

“I have been at Santander Group for 16 years, I have worked in eight corporate buildings and I have travelled a lot to the United Kingdom with really cool projects. During this time, I have met scores of interesting people and have had many job titles: Developer, Analyst, Architect, QA tester, Evangelist, Team Leader, Scrum Master and now DevSecOps. To allow me to bring about these changes and continue making progress, HR (thanks Gemma!) and most of my managers have always supported me. I have received very interesting training in soft skills, technical expertise and new development methodologies such as Agile. I'm now specialising in Python, although I'm a Java user at heart. Although I receive job offers every month, I remain committed to Santander.”

Joan Rodríguez
Core Engineering DevSecOps



"When I had a few years' work experience, I joined Santander Group. Later on, I ventured out, working at other companies. I very quickly missed the Santander family and finally came back. Here, things are done in a special way and have a global impact. In addition, I had the opportunity not once but twice to change technology and to expand my knowledge and broaden my technical career. Team spirit is but one of the benefits of working here."

Juan Tavira
Blockchain and Emerging Technologies



“The bank has undergone an incredible technological transformation. I'm sure Santander is a great place for anyone with a STEM background who is enthusiastic about learning and about experiencing first-hand work with high-performance systems and projects on a daily basis. The organisation's telework system has helped us strike a work-family life balance, with flexible hours whenever the need arises. We are privileged to enjoy the benefits available to us. I can say that I am at the company where I want to be, where I can take on the technological challenges that I like and that motivate me, and where we are not a number but a starting point for making progress and improving."

Bea Rodríguez
Base Systems, Assets & Liabilities

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